Landfill Construction

  • Lining System

    Design and build of isolation and lining works for the landfill bottom to prevent leakage of contaminating materials into groundwater.

  • Leachate collection system

    Design and build the liquids collection system to remove the liquids resulting from the decomposition of organic matter and rain water, in order to treat it and produce irrigation water after collecting in a special collect tanks.

  • Leachate treatment plant ‎

    Aspec Design and build the leachate treatment plant that matching with the leachate type & quantity & convert it to water for irrigation.

  • Sorting plant

    As waste sorting is one of the stages that contribute effectively to the recycling of solid waste and feeding many industries with raw materials such as glass, plastic, paper, metal, wood …etc, ASPEC draws special attention for Design and build for waste sorting stations.