Bio Generators

  • Electrical power generating using (LFG)

    Work progress in one of our projects.

    ASPEC group is proudly working out the project of designing , implementing and equipment providing for landfill yard in Abha, KSA .

  • Ground Coverage

    Landfill Creation, Abha, KSA.

    Cells lined with polyethylene membranes and ground tissue to receive the remaining  solid waste left after sorting, and equipped with a collection network to receive the liquid extracts in collection tanks,  to pass on to the treatment plant to be converted to agricultural fertilizer.

  • Gas Extracting Network

    Landfill Creation, Abha, KSA.

    ASPEC group designs, provides and implements gas extraction network and with connection to a gas purification station..

  • Landfill Sewerage Infrastructure

    Landfill Creation, Abha, KSA.


    Landfill should be equipped with a collection network to receive the liquid extracts made by rain water in collection tanks, then to get treated in a special process to be valid for irrigation.

  • Transition Station

    Landfill Creation, Abha, KSA.

    Transition Station is an included element in the general design of modern landfill, ASPEC group caries out the full responsibility to deliver the complete solution for that important element to help improving waste collecting operation by saving time, feul and man hours.