• 100% Swiss product

    ASPEC Group has designed and implemented integrated environmental projects being the front-runner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf and the entire Arab region.

  • Highly trained staff

    In order to achieve the highest level of performance and accuracy of implementation, we appointed highly trained technical staff and invested in ongoing training programs.

  • Expanding Business

    As a result, we could sustain a steady rate of return on investment for our shareholders with an annual increase of 15%.

  • Converting waste to energy

    ASPEC Group succeeded in installing  gas purification and treatment stations to convert landfills’ gas into electrical energy or raising its efficiency and using it as natural gas, bearing in mind that the gas burners, the gas treatment plants, and the bio-generators were specially modified with the production company.

  • Delivering Quality Environment

    A municipal solid waste sorting station, a recycling, and grinding plant for construction industry waste as well as demolition waste.

  • Zero waste is our target

    We are always on the lookout for the latest global developments in waste management, so we can reach our vision of “zero-waste” by applying state-of-the-art environmentally friendly recycling processes and technology, with a total conversion of the output into useful energy.

ASPEC, changing energy business to a whole different aspect.

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  • Energy Vision 2030

    Converting landfill gas to electrical energy.

     As part of our plan to cope with the vision 2030 in terms of energy saving and environment preserving, and in collaboration with our Swiss partners in success Hofstetter Company, we have designed and implemented integrated environmental projects being  the front-runner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as t...

  • Waste Management Future

    Single process gasification system

    As a pioneering organization, ASPEC group puts a finger on the pulse of the latest technology on waste management all over the world, planning to start entering the coming era of waste management technology by applying "Syngas" direct conversion where waste is being converted to the multi-purpose gas known as Syngas and the...

  • Our Goal

    Extensive Training Programs

     We do believe in future generation's right to live in a clean environment, we insist on more disciplined and collaborative effort for a cleaner planet.

    Since its inception, ASPEC Group Could achieve various goals, cooperated with the most important corporation all over the world to bring its vision to reality, ASPEC...

  • Safety is our Top Priority

    Build Your Momentum

    ASPEC group pays much attention to safety, makes good sense in studying each detail, before starting the design assessment for a new gas treatment station, coming up with tailored solutions for each project and using specially made components of fire-resistant materials to prevent any operational mispleading.

  • Proper Quality Control Procedures

    Delivering Quality Environment

    Working for years in the field of Landfill Systems, electrical & mechanical services on waste management, environment preserving and renewable energy have skilled our team of experienced engineers to become capable to develop many technical solutions for wide range of technical issues and to provide a world-c...

Our Premium Services

  • Swiss Made
    Good start

    Flaring Unit


    Methane is the main compound of Landfill gas , causes 21 to 27 times more global warming than CO2 and presents a potential risk of explosion , series diseases for human kind and fire .

    ASPEC Supply and install an advance...

  • Good start

    Sorting Plants


    The increasing importance of collecting, sorting and disposing of waste is considered as one of the essential developmental pointers today because of its positive effect on physical, health, environmental and cultural aspects. ASP...

  • Good start



    As production of electricity from landfill gas is very important & crucial which turn the harm to useful ,ASPEC design ,supply & install biogenrator that match with the climate & type of gas for each region as per high...

  • Good start

    Gas Treatment Plant


    Before connecting landfill gas into Bio-generator to produce electrical power, and to assure the maximum benefiting out of landfill gas, ASPEC group designs ,supply & install  the suitable gas treatment station to purify...

  • Good start

    Swiss Product


    No wonder how far is our reputation, we deal with the most experienced manufacturers all over the world, as such, the Swiss giant firm Hofstetter with more than 40 years of experience and a wide penetration in the international ma...

  • Good start

    Gas Diagnostic Station


    In order to gain optimum productivity level out of landfill gas, we had to provide the gas treatments station with a diagnostic unit as we know the most efficient percentage for methane gas is 60%.

  • Good start

    Highly Trained Staff


    We also succeeded in installing  gas purification and treatment stations to convert landfills’ gas into electrical energy or raising its efficiency and using it as natural gas, bearing in mind that the gas burners, the...

  • Swiss Made
    Good start

    Fully Automated


    In order to assure the maximum safe condition, ASPEC group will provide the gas multi-function station with an advanced control system that can cope with any emergency case and lower feasibility of any operational m...

  • Good start

    High Standards


    ASPEC group applies the highest international standards on safety, quality and performance, cooperating with international partners and manufacturers to bring out tailored solutions that save cost and achieve maximum results. ...

  • Good start

    Leachate Treatment Plant


    Landfill leachate belongs to the most harmful industrial waste water and thus needs special treatment . To insure the integrity of the ground water resource at any time , we employ a complete range of treatment solution we careful...